What is your dream job? Something about deep space, brainwork and extremal situations? If so, you've come to the right place.

We are "Space Scaven", a company which renders a very special service... We collect space garbage. But not any garbage, only garbage that could be well paid. The main occupation of the company is to search for onboard recorders on abandoned space stations. The cause of abandoning is none of our business, we're only in it for the money. That's where you get into the game.

You are an engineer and you're job is to collect these black boxes. To do so, you should solve physical puzzles, avoid traps and interact with environment.

Puzzles can be solved in different ways, but some actions lead to dead end or even fatal outcome. The game has 50 levels, divided into 5 episodes, so you are in a long, dangerous and interesting journey!





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